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Understanding Mass Gainers

It is true that most people struggle with high weight. However, there are some people who struggle with low weight. There are people who no matter how hard they try they just cannot seem to be gaining weight. If you are one of these or a bodybuilder who wants to increase your body mass then mass gainers may be the solution.

What are these?

Mass gainers are supplements that are taken by people in order to gain weight. They are also known as weight gainers. These are high in calories with lots of carbohydrates, fats, protein, mineral and vitamins. You could get these nutrients from foods but with the need to gain weight fast, this would mean preparing a lot food and eating it. If you are a poor eater or just too lazy to cook, food may not provide you with the calories you need. Buying this food is also more expensive than weight gainers. There are different kinds of mass gainers in the market but they all do the same job.

How can mass gainers help?

The main aim of using these is to increase calorific intake without having to take too much food. The calories a serving of weight gainers contains can be anything from 350 to 1200 calories, you can find the ones with most calories at Pumpninc. The much one should take will depend on many factors including the current and target body weight, daily food intake and others. Unlike protein supplements which contain lots of proteins without other nutrients, weight gainers have a balance of all the necessary nutrients the body needs in order  to increase in size and mass.

Signs that mass gainers are working

How can you know that a gainer is working for you? The first thing you will notice is an increase in the strength and stamina as you workout. You will not burn out too fast because you have a high supply of calories that are needed for exercising. Over time, you will see an increase in your muscle mass and weight. What you gain while using these supplements is lean muscle without water and fat deposits. This means that your body will be healthy and in good shape.


When to take mass gainers

The frequency with which a particular mass gainer is to be taken will be indicated in its instructions as well as its preparation. Most of these are recommended to be taken thrice a day but this frequency could be increased depending on the needs of the one taking it. Good times to take your weight gainer are just before breakfast, after workout and before retiring to bed.

Weight gainers are not for everyone

The truth is that not everyone will benefit from these supplements. Some people will gain excess weight which does them more harm than good. People who do not gain weight no matter how much food they take are the ones who should use weight gainers. However, psychological reasons must be ruled out for the gainers to work. People who have a very fast metabolism will gain from using these gainers. Such people tend to digest food so fast that they do not benefit from its components.

It is important to note that mass gainers alone will not give you a fit body. They need to be combined with regular exercise for a health and fit physique.

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