Arranging an excursion is a genuine annoyance, yet it must be finished. I’m down to stray from an arrangement, fiercely, yet you gotta have an arrangement. As it sits, I’m getting in a Honda Pilot on Thursday Feb. sixth 2013 and heading from Kansas City to Nederland, Colorado. We’re skiing for three days at El Dora. The keep going time I was on a snowboard I got a third degree bear partition for my inconvenience… so I’m apprehensive, yet I will ride contrastingly now… I won’t underestimate anything and attempt to simply appreciate the sentiment sliding (not flashing) down a mountain, gradually. We’ll go into Boulder and on the off chance that I survive Nederland, we’ll go to Denver and board the Zephyr Train to San Fransisco. The Zephyr starts in Chicago ordinary and slices the USA down the middle. Over the Rocky and Sierra Mountains in a glass topped train!

My bicycle will be stuffed into a container and ride in the gear compartment. I’ll spend a couple of days in San Francisco. I’ve been no less than 5 times yet I would like to do it any other way this time. On the off chance that I wind up at Fisherman’s Warf or Ghirardelli Square, I’ll be disillusioned. I’ll be getting around on my bicycle, so that’ll be a treat. I’d jump at the chance to go to the ranchers advertise, take the vessel to Sausalito, go to the Levi’s store, the Zen Center, exercise under the tent at San Francisco Crossfit. I need to eat with Teresa Sparks and visit Kyle Minor’s studio (it’s on a dock of the straight and it’s made of delivery compartments!). As indicated by Liquor Stores and bouncers, I was Kyle Minor from the age of 19 to 21 (counterfeit ID). I’d jump at the chance to eat some great fish and In N Out Burger. Once I’ve had my fill of the city I’m riding over to Oakland and bouncing the Capital Corridor to Auburn, CA to hang with Doug Arioli and his family. Following a couple of days I’ll make a beeline for Santa Barbera and LA (on the Coast Starliner) for seven days at that point down to San Diego and possibly out to Catalina Island with Ryan Sparks and Todd Bennett. From that point onward, it has returned to LA and getting the Southwest Chief back to KC. Might stop in Flagstaff, AZ or Albuquerque, NM or Wichita. We’ll perceive how I’m feeling.

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